Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps for Android & iOS

We’re well versed in iOS and Android applications. We’ve been the figures behind several launches on App store and google play respectively 

The process we deploy

Concept creation

 To make sure we get the most out of your ideas we offer a brainstorming meeting. We will consider all the functions you request in cooperation with an analysis of your business and customerbase.


We build solid online businesses on Magento.

SEO, Data analytics, Catalog Management. A big part of our business is to build, market and maintain web shops for our e-commerce partners.


With people doing business and accessing data and information from the laptop to a tablet and a phone, seamless integration and faster platforms are the norm of the day. 


Workstellar provides Devop and Cloud services. Our clients gain from excellent cloud environments but also get enhanced security, faster performance and tremendous ROI

Operation Improvements

Software needs specialists to scale, so industry leaders hire software developers from workstellar to succeed.

Browse dev’s based on technologies or reach out to have a tailored solution.


Let's have a chat?

Are you ready to have a chat about your App dreams? Book a meeting with us, we’ll gladly discuss no strings attached. 

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Looking to start a digital project?

Let's discuss what's next

If you like the idea of working with us on your next digital project, then please feel free to reach out.

Our Digital business developer Venkatesh will gladly discuss with you how best to achieve your business goals.

In a short 15-minute call, we would like to:

  • Understand the type of project your company has
  • Discuss the most suitable engagement plan for you
  • Tell you exactly how Workstellar work