Blockchain development services

 We pride ourselves on providing highly efficient blockchain development solutions, that suit most business verticals.

Smart Contract Development

We understand the potential of smart contracts and have a team of developers and experts who can provide the smart contract development solutions.

Our experienced audit team checks the smart contracts for security vulnerabilities.

Token Development

We will help you build a powerful and impenetrable ERC20 token based on your specific needs.

We write our own customised code based on the ETH open source code.

ICO Development

Workstellar is the perfect place for your ICO Development.

Our team of developers provide optimised and stable ICO Development solutions as per your requirements.


We use various in-house tools to secure your smart contract and to clarify whether your smart contract can cater to your business needs.

Apart from tools, your smart contract code goes under multiple testing phases.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Workstellar has a handful of blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange development experts.

We can help you to create a platform for your business which is secure, and reliable.

DeFi Development

Decentralized finance, or DeFi is reinventing the technology sector now-a-days.

DeFi has made businesses more effective, and subsequently transactions are operating in an efficient and reliable manner.

Are you looking to have your own token?

Let's discuss what's next

If you like the idea of working with us on your next digital project, then please feel free to reach out.

Our Digital business developer Venkatesh will gladly discuss with you how best to achieve your business goals.

In a short 15-minute call, we would like to:

  • Understand the type of project your company has
  • Discuss the most suitable engagement plan for you
  • Tell you exactly how Workstellar works

No strings attached.